fredag 25 september 2009

Swedish state journalists work with convicted violent racists to slander opponents.

"Obfuscation" refers to methods used to obscure an attack code, a virus or worm from discovery by computer network security.

Translated to politics, Obfuscation means agents or people with a false agenda. That descriptions fits in on state employed journalists in Sweden. The political journalists have started their political campaign work since the EU election is near, only 2 months away. State Radio have made secret recordings of Sverigedemokraterna SD over a 6 month period. State Radio SR made a 3 part radio show that was announces to media via the newsagency TT. The announcement contained slander and lies, but all media copied most of it.

The radio program, Kaliber, made advertisements, added soundeffects, hype, and speaker voices to create a show, but nothing appeared in the program. The was no substance or even interesting contents. In over 90 hours of secret video recordings they only found 4 ethnic jokes and a song that disrespected the former prime minister socialist Olof Palme. The song originated from the Moderates (M). Members of the current government have been singing along with that song which should discredit the M government to the extent it matters.

The media started the election campaign. They use journalists who work close together with extremists. Some journalists are themselves extremists. Most of them have no interest in the truth, in the facts or debate, they want to stop it.

As the 3-part radio show started it was proven to have no substance and its producer is hiding and refuse to answer questions. The producers husband work for SR and ran for election for the communist party, but he only got 3 votes. So the producer of the radio show is likely a communist and she works with communists at Expo and they tried to keep their relationship secret and now they refuse to answer questions. That is a total disregard for the publics interest and by itself discredits the whole radio program and its purpose.

This is however standard operating procedures for the state media and its journalists. They cannot be trusted. They have a personal agenda and they keep their relationships and real purpose secret. They work like a computer virus or worm, "Obfuscation".

Since the government is unable to provide the conditions for a fair election in Sweden we demand that the United Nations install election inspectors in Sweden.

We can almost be certain that the state, its media together with private jourrnalists with a similar agenda will create conditions where the combined media will be able to decide the outcome of the election.

That is not a democratic process, that is not freedom of speech, that is near the definition of a dictatorship.

Sweden demand UN inspectors for the upcoming elections.

An egregious example of lies and hate propaganda from the media is a series of articles in Uppsala Nya Tidning, UNT dot se. They are not satisfied with one false and misleading article, they repeat their lies in several unsigned articles an effort to create a completely false image of the party SD. They are trying hard to help their friends in competing political parties, typically they are socialist or communist parties.

That is typical of radical extremists and the writer cannot be classified as a journalist.

One thing to keep in mind is that those journalists and politicians that take upon themselves the roll of a court, judge, executioner and dictator have never been able to debate the question of immigration or related issues.

The reason is that they have no arguments and not a single fact will support the policy of massimmigration. On the contrary, every single argument points against massimimgration. That is why SD will win every debate if allowed to conduct a fair debate with equal time. And that is why media and poilicians refuse to use discussion and debate as a political tool, they will only use lies, discreditation, unsubstantiated allegations and then run and hide when confronted just like Klinghoffer did.