tisdag 23 oktober 2012

80 % of 50 million Muslims in the west are on welfare, refuse to work said muslim expert,


80 % of the 50 million Muslims in the west are on welfare, they refuse to work said muslim expert. They discuss muslim lack of contribution the the western societies they reside in, the high crime rates, the high rate of welfare fraud and financial crimes.

Muslim arrive as refugees or illegals and deplete the wealth from the west to such an extent that it's a threat to the security and financial stability in the west.

The welfare paid in EU is adopted to the income levels of workers and the cost of living in the EU. Welfare was never intended as foreign aid to enable mass immigration to Europe, but welfare is the magnet which pulls in ten of millions of new non-european immigrants to Europe.

If the required minimum amount to live on in Europe is $20,000 annually and 40 million muslims live on welfare, the cost is staggering 800 billion dollars annually only for the muslim immigrants. This amount may double if we take into account all other non-european immigrants living on welfare and add the cost of crime and social implosion the welfare mass immigration is causing.

Most politicians agree this is not working but almost nobody has a plan how to stop the continued mass immigration nor what to do with those how already is here in Europe depleting the EU economies.

Learn more about this most urgent problem, In Sweden, read these news outlets or remain ignorant:

Outside Sweden, go here,



Many more links at the Danish blog Hodja,

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söndag 30 september 2012

PKK terrorists infiltrate the Swedish government. Evin Cetin (S) filmed in terror camp in Iraq,


PKK terrorists infiltrates the Swedish government. Evin Cetin (S) was filmed in a kurdish terror camp on a secret visit in the remote mountain hideaway in Northern Iraq.

Here in another Turkish immigrant working up to top political office in the Swedish Socialist Party being outed visiting a Pejak terrorist training camp. Pejak is affiliated with PKK responsible for killing over 40,000 people in Turkey during the last 10 years. PKK is also suspected in the 1986 assassination of Olof Palme, the Swedish Socilalist Party leader and Prime Minister.

Evin Cetin (s) was outed by accident by an independent film crew, someone recognized Cetin.The Turkish immigrant-turned-politician was captured on film and she was later identified by accident. After she was confronted by Swedish media she admitted to visiting the terrorists

Back in Sweden she was unable to explain her secret trip to the camp. Since the story broke a few days ago she's been in hiding.

Since the assassination of Olof Palme PKK has tried to infiltrate the Swedish government by using Turkish "refugees" and immigrants to climb the political ladder in the Swedish Socialist Party. Immigrants are always promoted in the media, as an example, criminal immigrants will be have their picture or name shown in the news while white criminals always are exposed with picture and or name.

The Socialist Party is a suitable target since they accept anyone into their party no matter if they have terrorist background or not. In fact the rules apply to the border, anyone is accepted even known convicted terrorists are receiving asylum only because they asked for it. The non-socialist government is continuing the extreme mass immigration policy started by the socialists to permit everyone into the country.

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onsdag 12 september 2012

Learn fistfxcking from Swedish state media, lessons "thanks to" the Swedish government,


Learn fistfxcking from Swedish state media, lessons "thanks to" the Swedish government. It it a tolerant or perverted government teaching anal fistfucking?

Is is a tolerant or insane government allowing 1 million muslims to fill up vacant and already full public housing at a time when no jobs and no money is available?

It this a tolerant or insane government helping islamist dictatorship to hunt down converted ex. muslims to receive the death penalty in Saudi Arabia?


State media, sr.se, fistfucking lessons:

The Swedish government is aiding the Saudi government in finding and arrest converted muslim, potential for death penalty,

About the failed TV show Halal TV, and the TV host demanding murder by stoning to death of infidels,

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tisdag 22 maj 2012

Reinfeldt vill att flyktingar och barn arbetar. Pinsamt svamlande statsminister vill ha barnarbete.


Reinfeldt vill att flyktingar och deras barn arbetar åt oss. En pinsamt svamlande statsminister kan inte ens kan skilja på barn, arbetare och flyktingar.

En motsägelsefull Reinfeldt vill å ena sidan ta hit fler flyktingar, han samarbter med MP som nu gett oss 170,000 flyktingar som väntar på uppehållstillstånd samtidigt som vi redan har en miljon flyktingar och svenskar i utanförskap.,Och å andra sidan erkänner han att vi har stora problem men han har ingen plan för det. Han har inga ideer alls utom att överföra pensionerna till flyktingarna eftersom alla andra pengar tagit slut.

Läs mer on situationen i Sverige, läs,

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onsdag 4 april 2012

Spike Lee stoking a race war after Trayvon Martin was killed, fueled by CNN, NBC and Obama.


Film maker Spike Lee stoking a race war after Trayvon Martin was killed duing a fight with a Neighborhood Watch man. Fueled by CNN with hours of reports, specials, townhall meetings, instigation demonstrations, hate and a perhaps a race war. CNN, NBC and Obama are adding fuel to the fire.

NBC changed facts to instigate hate. After being exposed by Foxnews NBC apologize for their false reports.

Media alter images, news, and facts.(Don't trust the media.)

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onsdag 22 februari 2012

News from Oslo Ghetto today 30/11. Several rapes, murder, exploding apartment.


Oslo Ghetto news today. Several rapes, murder, exploding apartment.

In one of the rape case where two 16-year old girls were attached, six men from Afghanistan and Pakistan were arrested.

Another rape victim said an african raped her in a park.

So far this year 48 rapes were reported, thats twice as many as last year, only seven rapes were resolved.


I private citizen patrol has started in Oslo by concerned citizens. This started after a demonstration on Friday when 5 new rapes were reported showing that demonstrations don't help.

Five murders occurred in Oslo the last month.

No official is suggesting the need for expulsion and criminal background checks for immigrants.

A politician, Fabien Stang (H) said when told about the massive number of rapes in Oslo, "goddamn hell, i don't know what to do any more".

That's a typcial reacion. No politician knows what to do about the massive number of crimes they imported to Norway from african and the arabstates.

Noway don't use enclosed refugee camps for refugees. This may change due to the large number of crimes committed by refugees. More people demand action that shows results. Walled prison-like camps may be created for refugees in Norway similar to those in most other countries that receive refugees.

70 % of the Oslo population feel unsafe and won't go out alone in the evenings.

The rape victims can be found in the remaining 30 % of the population that bravely go out alone without dogs or other security measures.

25 % of the population say there are to many muslims in Norway.

24 % feel islam is a threat against our culture.

Due to the record number of rapes, nearly all of them done by immigrants, the Prime Minister Stoltenberg said they need more police while the number of police has gone down by 100 to 424. Often only one police patrol is out in the streets of Oslo. The politicians call for security and more police is not followed up by action, instead they reduce the security.

Many norwegians feel the mass immigration has been to open and is a threat to the national security.

Hälften är skeptiska till muslimer.
Enligt integration och mångfald (IMDI) finns en "stabil och utbredd skepsis mot muslimer" i Norge. Sedan 2005 genomförde TNS Gallup en så kallad integration undersökning som direktoratet.

Varje år frågas norrmännen om de menar "värden i islam är förenlig med de grundläggande värdena i det norska samhället."

Svaret blir lite olika från år till år och i genomsnitt 2005 till 2010 visar att över femtio procent tror att värdena inte är kompatibla.

48,2 % säger sig skeptiska till människor med muslimsk tro.

Enligt statistik Norge finns mellan 100 000 och 185 000 muslimer i Norge, motsvarande två till fyra procent av befolkningen.


Facts about rape in Norway
Between 8,000 and 16,000 people experiencing rape or attempted rape each year.
It is almost exclusively men who are perpetrators, while the vast majority of victims are women.
Most rape victims are reluctant to report the assault to the police for fear that the meeting with police and judicial system to be perceived as yet another assault.
Dark figures are large, and surveys indicate that about 90 percent of all rapes and attempted rapes are never known to police.
Of the 100 people who report rape, experiencing over 80 have the case dismissed .* When charges are taken out, ducks these issues with the acquittal three times as often as in other types of offenses.
Estimates show that less than 1 percent of all perpetrators are convicted .* The UN Commission on Women (CEDAW) have criticized Norway because so few rape reviews end in a conviction.
(Source: NOU 2008: 4, "From words to action") (© AP)

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onsdag 1 februari 2012

George Soros support Mitt Romney, investor/communist and Obamas supporter want Mitt Romney


George Soros support Mitt Romney, investor/communist and Obamas supporter want Mitt Romney.

It's not a good day for a republican to get support from communists.

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